The Magazine of Lenton Local History Society

Lenton Times Issue 1 - October 1988

St. Mary's - Les Berry's History

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of St. Mary's Church, Les Berry, a recently acquired member of the congregation but a founder member of Lenton Local History Society, took it upon himself to produce 'St. Mary's Church, Wollaton Park 1938-1988', a thirty six page guide to the church and its history. The booklet involved Les in many hours of research ploughing through parish magazines, church records and local papers as he sought all the information he needed to piece together the story behind the church's construction, consecration and subsequent history. Also included in the booklet is a detailed description of the interior of St. Mary's, the church furniture, organ, stained glass and the various wall-mounted tablets.

St. Mary's hadn't even celebrated its first birthday when along with the rest of Great Britain the congregation found itself at war with Germany. Les dips into church accounts and minute books to give a picture of how those war years affected St. Mary's. In similar fashion he picks out entries over the past forty years which tell of significant events in the Church's life - both the theological and the more secular happenings. To complete the story there are short sections on the Sunday schools, bequests, missionary support, choirs and organists, along with lists of the various incumbents, choirmasters and church wardens.

Those interested in possible purchase of a copy of the booklet (price 1 plus 50p postage) can obtain a copy via St. Mary's Church

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