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Lenton Church Athletic Football Club

We plan to feature this photograph in a forthcoming issue of the magazine. It shows the Lenton Church Athletic football team in 1897 after they had won the Notts Junior League. The original photograph identifies each person by their surname along with the initial letter of their first name. A little detective work has pinpointed likely individuals in census material etc. Sometimes there proves to be more than one candidate. It may be a long shot, but we wondered whether there are any family historians with Lenton connections who can either confirm or rule out our suggested identifications.

They are:
A. Cumberland Albert Cumberland, born in Lenton in 1875.
A. Ellis Most likely Arthur Edwin Ellis born in Lenton in 1874.
J. Knowles Joseph Knowles born in Lenton in 1872; his brother, John William Knowles, born in New Lenton in 1877, or Joseph Knowles born in Lenton in 1880.
H. Lloyd either Harry Lloyd, born in Lenton in 1875 or Hildred Bennett Lloyd, born in Lenton in 1877.
A. B. Marshall Arthur Bernard Marshall, born in Lenton in 1874.
R. Milsom - Roger Charles Milsom, born in Stourbridge, Worcestershire in 1874 (positively identified!).
T. Milsom Thomas Henry Milsom, born in Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1879 (positively identified!).
J. Randall John Randall, born in Midhurst, Sussex in 1879.
S. Shepherd Samuel Thomas Shepherd, born in Lenton in 1877.
H. Simkins There is no one of that name with a Lenton pedigree so we suspect this was Harry Simkins, born in Nottingham in 1877.
J. Simpson There are two possible candidates. One was John Simpson, born in Lenton in 1877 or John Simpson born at Godley, near Hyde in Cheshire in 1878.
E. Talbot Ernest Edward Austin Talbot, born in Nottingham c.1875 (now [Dec.2013] positively identified by Jane Talbot!).
E. Walker Edwin Walker, born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire in 1869.

If you think you can help get in touch with us by email.

We also came across this photograph reproduced in the Nottingham Football Post for 25 April 1908 does anyone have access to a better copy?

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