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Dunkirk School Reunion 2012

Those present included: Joy Foxley (former teacher) (3), Jean Sheridan (nee Noble) [1953-58] (12), Joy Brennan (nee Cumberland) [1953-58] (14), John Whitworth (14), Ennis Peck [1956-60] (19), Dick Jarvis [1951-56] (22), Ennis Peck [1933-39](23), Robert Randle (24), Pat Pembleton (nee Wright) [1947-53] (26), Michael Onion (28), Edgar Jackson (former teacher) (30), Keith Hill [1947-53] (31), Bryan Barsby (32), Bob Bragg [1929-34] (33).

Any other names plus details of when they were at Dunkirk School gratefully received.

Photograph taken by Paul Bexon

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