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Lenton North Junction

At first glance pinpointing where this shot was taken from might prove problematic, given that the houses on the left are no more and the background landscape has undergone major changes since the phtograph was taken. The end house in the foregound was situated on Grove Road while you can also see the backs of some of the properties on Petersham Street. They all came down in the 1970s and have been replaced by Petersham Mews. On the extreme right of the photograph you can see a small portion of the electricity pylon which is still with us. The train is in the process of going over the Nottingham Canal and is about to go under the bridge that carries Abbey Bridge over the railway.

Dave Page has told us that the Saturday's only Poole-Bradford service (note the enthusiasts leaning out of the front coach) was diverted from the Great Central line through Nottingham Victoria in 1966. The Locomotive was based in the Leeds Area and had a yellow stripe on the cab which indicated it should not run under 25Kv electric wires. The stripe was only painted on in the middle sixties, and given the locomotive is steam powered and these ceased to operate in 1967, Dave feels the likely date for the photograph is probably the summer of 1966.

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