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Nazareth House - 1953

The girls at Nazareth House frequently put on little stage shows. This photograph, probably taken in 1953 or 1954, shows the cast of one of these shows with Bishop Edward Ellis standing among them.

Those names listed in bold type are ones Dolores feels sure are correctly identified; those in italics she is less certain about. 1 Dolores Mcdonald, 2 Angela McDonald, 3 Joyce McDonald, 4 Carmel McDonald, 5 Anna Starostika, 6 Susan Sinclair, 7 Veronica Carter, 8 Maureen Grogan, 9 Susan Scott, 10 Joan Cross, 11 Linda Bogg, 12 Stephanie Biggs, Lorna Bradshaw, 14 Kathleen Cooper, 15 Barbara Brains, 16 Pauline Morton, 17 Janis Russell, 18 Kathy Garrety, 19 Pamela People, 20 Glenis Crook, 21 Carol Lowe.

Also likely to be on the photograph are the two Mulligan sisters, Mary Bell and Janice Bowls but Dolores is uncertain which ones they are.

Photograph from Delores Draper (née McDonald)

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