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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Evening News
Friday 11th March 1960

On Film Again

Filming has started at Twickenham Studios on Alan Sillitoe's novel "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," and the film unit will move to Nottingham in early April for location shots.

The company which is making the film of the book by the Radford-born writer is taking a chance in making a film without star names. The lead part of Arthur Seaton, a working class Don Juan who tries to "live up" life in a grimy suburb and has an affair with the wife of a workmate, will be played by Albert Finney who has been praised by the critics for his Teddy Boy-makes-good role in the current London musical, "The Lily White Boys."

Comedienne Hylda ("She knows y'know") Baker has a leading part in the film, and other leading roles will be taken by Shirley Ann Field and Rachel Roberts.

There will be especial local interest in Bryan Pringle, who plays the part of the wronged husband, for he was a member of the Nottingham Playhouse company during the 1958-59 season. He took part in the September 1958 production there of Willis Halls play, "Boys, it's all hell " and later took the same part, that of the amiable Yorkshire private, " Smudge" Smith, in the London production which was re-titled, "The Long and the Short and the Tall."

He was born at Tamworth, and when he was 17 won a scholarship to RADA, later winning the coveted RADA gold medal. There followed seasons with the Old Vic in London and America, after which he joined the Birmingham Rep, where he met the girl who was to become his wife, Ann Jameson. Two weeks ago, their first child, a boy, was born.

Hylda Baker was a frequent visitor to the Nottingham Empire.

Already there are local touches creeping into the scenes being shot at Twickenham. Laundry bags and carrier bags bear the names of Nottingham shops, a picture of Notts. County FC is to adorn the hero's bedroom wall and there are studio mock-ups of the interiors of Nottingham public houses.

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