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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Guardian Journal
Wednesday 30th March 1960

Photogenic? If so, please read on...

Woodfall Films - who are arriving in Nottingham on Saturday for a week of location scenes in the city for Alan Sillitoe's Saturday Night and Sunday Morning - are looking for crowds.

They want people mainly for shots in the Old Market Square and the Castle. So anybody who aspires to become a film extra should send a post card stating name, address, telephone number, age, and availability to the unit's offices at 3 Toll Street, Nottingham.

The Old Market Square scenes on two Sundays will be complete with political speakers (supplied by Labour and Conservative offices), Salvation Army, and miscellaneous tub-thumpers. On Monday and Tuesday the location moves to the Beaconsfield Terrace area of Salisbury Street, Radford, where the hard drinking Teddy-boy type Arthur has his home.

The next three days will be spent at the Raleigh works (although the cycle factory of the book has been changed to the "Trentside Engineering Co.), and the Castle is the setting for the Saturday.

The man who is putting the final touches to arrangements before the unit arrive, Mr John George, commented: "We've had every help and co-operation from all sorts of people in Nottingham - Police, Corporation, and the Nottingham Co-operative Society." He has had to get permission, for example, from every property owner whose building will be involved in the film.

Filming has been going on mainly at Twickenham, and several Nottingham firms have helped the film men with items bearing the local trademark - from laundry bags to beer signs. The building firm of Messrs Simms, Sons and Cooke last weekend sent a lorry with site boards, site hut and other equipment so that a Wembley building site would look like one in Nottingham.

The film (its makers were responsible for "Look Back in Anger" and "The Entertainer") has no star names. The "hero" will be a repertory actor, Albert Finney, with an ex-Playhouse actor, Bryan Pringle, playing the man whose wife is being unfaithful. Others will include Shirley Ann Field, Rachel Roberts, and the comedienne Hylda ("She Knows Y'know") Baker.

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