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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Evening Post
Thursday 31st March 1960

Local people do stand to make money standing... ON THE SQUARE

Before a film unit sets up its lights and cameras on location, and does all the glamorous things like saying "Roll 'em!" and sprawling in canvas chairs with names stencilled on the backs, there have to be several weeks of quiet infiltration. Various people have been moving about Nottingham since the beginning of the year, laying plans and smoothing the path for the film unit of “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," which has a week's location shooting in Nottingham starting on Sunday. A base has been set up in the Nottingham Co-operative Society offices at 3, Toll Street, and word has gone out that Woodfall Films want to recruit Nottingham citizens as £2-a-day extras for crowd scenes.

The final touches have been made this week by Mr John George, a film man who dresses like 'Someone in the City' and who actually WAS someone in the City (albeit a very embryonic someone) before he entered the film industry.

His father - secretary to the board and eventually a director of the old London Films with Sir Alexander Korda - decided that the world of entertainment was not for young John, and got him a job with a firm of chartered accountants, "They soon found out that I was no good," says Mr George, not without satisfaction. "Then I was moved to a stockbroker's. They found out even faster. So I went into the production side of films, as an assistant director at Shepperton studios."

Mr George (great grandson of the famous D'Oyly Carte actor George Grossmith II and grandson of the "Gaiety's" George Grossmith III) was for three years location manager for the "Robin Hood" series of films for television. Accommodation for 65 actors, directors and technicians has had to be found; wardrobe space fixed up, and arrangements made for catering.

Nottingham, comments Mr George has proved very helpful. "We've I had every assistance possible from - the civic authorities, police, the Co-op, and many others, whether we wanted beer signs for a pub, laundry wrapped, or a bus."

Filming begins in the Old Market Square on Sunday, followed by the Salisbury Street area of Radford on Monday and Tuesday, the Raleigh factory for three days, the Castle on the Saturday and back to the Square on Sunday, April 10.

Footnote - For those who imagine that film making is all glamour . . . everybody must be made up and in position for shooting by 8.30 in the morning.

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