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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Guardian Journal
Saturday 2nd April 1960

Topics Of The Day

Nine hundred people in Nottingham want to appear in the film “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning", which starts on location work in Nottingham tomorrow.

Since it was announced first in the Guardian Journal on Wednesday that Woodfall Films wanted to recruit a hundred extras for this film of the local author, Alan Sillitoe's book, they have been snowed under with more than 900 applications. The first 300 arrived in the next two posts following the announcement and the applications are still flooding in. So after worrying how they were going to conjure up sufficient people for the film the company are now crying "Enough".

They have been in touch with about 150 of the applicants who have been invited to attend an audition today when this number will be whittled down to about 100 - the lucky "few" who will start their film careers early tomorrow morning.

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