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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Evening Post
Monday 4th April 1960

Glamour? There's None Filming In the Rain

This is the side of films that is not usually seen. The film production
team, foiled by the weather, shelter by Old Market Square while
they decide what to do.

My day yesterday started early. I was going to be in a film. Everything had been arranged. Everything, that is, except the weather.

It rained. So plans had to be changed. Assistant director Tom Pevsner told me that it was impossible to shoot the planned sequences in Old Market Square.

The previous outdoor shots that have been taken for the film – “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" by local author Alan Sillitoe - have been on fine days.

So while the production team decided what could be done, fifty extras who had been chosen from the massive total of 1,100 who applied, waited by the Council House in a Corporation double-decker bus.

I met the four, main stars in the film: Albert Finney, Shirley Ann Field, Louise Dunn and Norman Rossington. Only Louise Dunn has been to Nottingham before.

Albert Finney, who plays the main character in the film, Arthur Seaton, said he had hoped to visit the city beforehand to get some atmosphere here, but he was unable to do so because he was in a London play.

It was finally decided that shooting would be done at the Savoy Cinema, Derby Road, and at a Salisbury Street sweet shop. But first of all the extras were given tea.

Then at the Savoy the camera was fitted up. By this time the rain had stopped.

Corporation workmen erected a bus stop sign outside the cinema specially. The destination on the front of the bus was Bestwood Estate. Normally they go up Mansfield road.

Quite a crowd gathered to watch what was happening. Children collected autographs.

I had a word with Alan Sillitoe's brother, Brian, who was looking on. He told me that he doubted whether Alan would be up during the week because he was working on another book.

I am not in the film. Cold, wet and hunger made me give in. Things take such a long time to get ready for a film. But I have learned a lesson.

Never again will I envy a film star. It is certainly not all glamour.

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