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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Guardian Journal
Tuesday 5th April 1960

Filming Facilities

Albert Finney, who plays the lead in the film, is
taught how to use a lathe by Jack Derrick at the
Raleigh factory today.

Nottingham is likely to become a filmmaker's paradise, judging from the cooperation afforded to Woodfall Films, who are shooting "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" in the city this week.

Apart from small isolated cases where firms have considered the story - of a hard-drinking teddy-boy type who commits adultery with a workmate's wife - to be "not quite nice", Nottingham has gone overboard to help. So much so that the "Trentside Engineering Co." of Alan Sillitoe's novel will now go under its real name of Raleigh Industries Ltd.

The factory - where shooting will go on for three days - has placed every facility at the unit's disposal, and yesterday the leading man, Albert Finney, was busy being trained by an engineer in the use of a lathe, happily turning out bottom bracket axles in (almost) professional style.

It's not expected that there will be union trouble...

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