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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Evening News
Monday 11th April 1960

City Girl Is Film Stand-In

Filming in Nottingham of Alan Sillitoe's best-selling novel, "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," ended yesterday, and it brought a piece of good fortune to 17-year-old Jackie Adams.

Jackie, who works with her photographer father in Mansfield Road, was enjoying her fifth day as an extra for the film's crowd shots when she learned that the director, Karel Reisz, had agreed to offer her a stand-in role for the leading female part, played by Rachel Roberts.

Jackie readily accepted. "It. was great fun - I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it," she said afterwards.

It was Jackie's duty to be placed in all yesterday's scenes, in which Miss Roberts was playing. Jackie was positioned with the other players, and, while' Miss Roberts looked on, the director demonstrated with Jackie the action he wanted Miss Roberts to follow.

For the actual filming Jackie stepped away and Miss Roberts took over.

Yesterday’s filming was taken mostly at the Castle, and 30 extras took part in the crowd shots

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