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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Guardian Journal
Friday 23rd September 1960

Novel 'not obscene' - Teacher

Nottingham people just do not like "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, the novel by local author Alan Sillitoe.

They say it is disgusting obscene and is not representative of Nottingham, a Nottingham High School Master, Mr E. O. G. Davies, said last night.

He defended the book when he spoke to a discussion group at the inaugural meeting of a course on literature and society of the 20th century, organised by Hucknall WEA and their Extra-Mural Department of Nottingham University at the Hucknall Further Education Centre last night.

Mr Davies dealt with criticisms of the book, reading excerpts.

He denied that there was obscene writing, saying it was reporting of life "as Chaucer would have done if he had lived in this age.

Sillitoe did not comment or moralise, he pointed out.

Mr Davies said that most of his sixth formers had read the book and thought it wonderful - but his audience of 12 last night were clearly split in their opinions.

Some said that Arthur Seaton was a man to be found anywhere in Nottingham and there were hundreds like him; others were repelled at the thought that such a person could exist.

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