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The Filming Of Saturday Night And Sunday Morning - 1960

Nottingham Guardian Journal
Saturday 29th October 1960

Critics Praise Sillitoe Film

Alan Sillitoe, the Nottingham author, received high praise from the critics today for the film of his first novel, "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning."

The X-certificate film is regarded as a triumph for three comparative newcomers: the author (who also wrote the script); film director, Karel Reisz; and the leading man, Albert Finney.

The scene is set in the city the author knows so well. Much of the filming was done in Nottingham, and many local people appear as extras - including Mr Sillitoe's relations in Old Radford.

Some of the shots were taken at the author's home in Beaconsfield Terrace, where his mother, Mrs Sylvina Sillitoe, still lives.

And the author? Alan and his wife, Ruth, are busy in their London flat preparing for a trip to Tangier, where they plan to stay for at least three months while the latest novel takes shape.

The paper-back edition of his first novel has already passed the 300,000 mark, and the publishers expect to have printed double this number by December.

"Naturally, I am very pleased," the author said. I thought the film came out very well, and I am told that everybody working with Karel Reisz worked as a team. That certainly paid off."

When he first saw the rough-cut version some two or three months ago Alan felt sure that the film would come out well.

This was confirmed when he saw the completed version six weeks later, and he had the assurance of those who attended the press view yesterday that the applause his film received was' quite unusual

After the premiere, Alan and his wife were the guests of the director, Karl Reisz, at a small party.

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