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Triumph Road - Fire Station 1941 No.1

Given the number of vehicles and people present, this war-time photograph would appear to show a massed gathering of all those involved in Nottingham's Auxiliary Fire Service. The photograph features a large number of Coventry Climax pumps of two sizes; the jumble of lettering styles would suggest the photograph was taken in the early years of the Second World War. Moreover the New Austin ATV (introduced in 1941) hasn't yet got its official markings on it, which would suggest a date sometime in 1941.

Triumph Road is just visible immediately in front of the gasometer and if you look really carefully you should be able to spot a pedestrian, a cyclist and at least two small children making their way along the road. Note that the gasometer appears to have been painted different colours to help camouflage it from the enemy.

If you can help with any names please let us know.

Photograph donated by Barbara Searcy

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