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Wollaton Park Estate - Orston Drive 1945

The individuals in this photograph have gathered in front of No.34 Orston Drive to have their photograph taken on V.E. Day 1945. The photographer is standing on Orston Drive Spinney - the railings having been taken down as part of the war effort and the chairs are set up on the road itself.

The photograph belonged to the late Julia Hibbitt (née Lee) and is reproduced here courtesy of John Hibbitt. On the back of the photograph an attempt has been made to identify some of the adults and older children standing on the back row. Reading from left to right they include: Constance Irene Lee (Julia's mother); Grandma Lee (Julia's paternal grandmother); Mrs Harris; Miss Smith; Mr Riley; Julia herself; Jose Moore (from Harby Drive); Doris Webb; Mr Harris; Mrs Webb; Mrs Anderson; Mrs Sillitoe; John Lake; Mrs Lake; Mrs Cook; [Frederick] William Lee (Julia's father); and Mrs Harrington.

Let us know if you can name anyone else.

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