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Map of Lenton Parish - Late 1920s

Once the new Lenton Abbey and Wollaton Park housing estates had been built by Nottingham Corporation in the late 1920s the Lenton Parochial Council undertook an ambitious programme to provide each of these estates with its own church building. As a potential fund raiser, one of the Lenton curates, Edwin D. Ginever, produced a paperback book in 1930 entitled 'The Parish and Priory of Lenton.' Any profits from its publication went into the church building fund. At the back of Ginever's book is a street map of the Lenton parish as it would have been at the beginning of the 1930s while also showing where the two new proposed churches would be built. The site of each one is identified by a large black cross. The map itself was probably drawn up by Geographia Ltd. in the late 1920s as it already includes the layout of both of the new housing estates. This is a copy of that map.

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