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The Society's Current Research Projects - Can You Help?

In the following section of the website we outline a few of the lines of research the Society is currently pursuing. This is followed by a section where individuals engaged in research with a Lenton connection can request help and information.

Lenton Local History Society is interested in all aspects of Lenton’s past and would welcome any photographs, ephemera, information and reminiscences relating to the locality. We do, however, have a number of lines of research which we are actively exploring at present. Among them are the following:

Material for forthcoming issues of Lenton Times

The Dunkirk area of Lenton

In the near future we intend to devote an issue of the magazine to articles related to the history of the Dunkirk area, the shops, the businesses, the school, plus features on some of its past and present residents. If you have memories or possess any old photographs relating to this area of Lenton please get in touch with us.

The old Willoughby Street area

Eventually we would like to produce an issue of Lenton Times devoted to the Willoughby Street area. If your family had a business here, you once worked in the area, or are a former resident we would be delighted to hear from you.

Although the Society’s photographic archive contains a number of photographs of the Willoughby Street area there are huge gaps. We have very few photographs of the churches and chapels once to be found in this area; both exterior and interior shots of the pubs are largely absent from our collection; photographs of many of the shops and businesses are still required. If you can rectify any of these deficiencies then we would be delighted to hear from you.

Lenton during the Second World War

Previous issues of Lenton Times have featured a number of articles relating to this era – but we are keen to assemble more.

We have also launched an appeal for recollections on School life in Lenton during the Second World War. If you were at school in Lenton during this period then why not jot down your memories and let us have them. Photographs from this particular era are rather thin on the ground. If you have any in your possession then we would be eager to make copies from them.

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