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Issue No. 32 December 2012 (£1.50)

Front cover of Issue 31 - Lenton TimesA Post-War Childhood: Schooldays and Pipewood Camp Remembered (4 pages)

In Issue 30 we included Chris Blackamore's memories of growing up on Cycle Road. Now, in the second part of these recollections, Chris focuses on his schooldays. After commencing his formal education in 1948 at Radford Boulevard Infant School he moved to Lenton Junior School and from there he went to Cottesmore Boys School. He concludes his recollections with a detailed account of his time spent at Pipewood Camp in Staffordshire.

Picture Postcards and the Search for J. Spree (7 pages)

Among the postcard publishers active after the First World War who produced postcards of the city of Nottingham was someone who identified himself as 'J. Spree' and sometimes as just 'Spree'. Whereas some publishers would provide their details on the back of the postcard, Spree's name would actually be incorporated into the photograph itself. Our interest in this person was heightened because Lenton street scenes appeared to feature quite prominently in the postcards bearing the 'Spree' signature. An initial search of the availablePhotograph reproduced courtesy of David Ottewell. source material had failed to shed any light as to who this person might be. It was only when we learnt, via the Internet, that he had previously published postcards of the Hastings area of Sussex that we realised who Mr Spree was and the nature of his connection with Lenton. As well as two of the Hastings' postcards we also feature thirteen postcards published while he lived in Nottingham. Included in their number is the one featured on the front cover of the magazine.

Fred Richardson - Life's Work Well Done! (5 pages)

Next to the Savoy Cinema at 235 Derby Road is a branch of Barclays Bank. It has been there since 1966/7. Before that, the site housed a garage and car showroom established in the 1920s by Fred Richardson. A photograph taken in 1926, showing him along with his workforce and vehicles, taken outside his premises, had previously appeared in print and we have long wanted to feature it in the pages of our magazine. Nottingham Local Studies Library had a copy of this particular photograph but we really didn't know very much about Fred Richardson himself. Imagine our delight when Caroline Cox sent us a copy of this photograph along with several others from Fred Richardson's personal collection. Related to Fred via her mother, Caroline subsequently agreed to write an article for us about Fred Richardson and his Parkside Garage. The photograph in question is given a centre-fold spread across two pages of the magazine.

Photograph by Paul Bexon.

From Bank to Bar (1 page)

Before Barclays acquired the site next to the Savoy Cinema the bank had operated from premises at the corner of Church Street and Lenton Boulevard. The building in question had been built by the Midland Counties District Bank in 1901 and we provide a brief history of this bank along with the somewhat earlier origins of Barclays.

Our Sponsor's Story (1 page)

The sponsors of this issue are Lookers Honda who are located in the section of the Lenton Lane Industrial Estate to the east of Clifton Boulevard. The article provides a brief look at Lookers plc which can trace its origins to John Looker who started out in 1910 with a bicycle shop in Manchester but quickly moved into the sale and repair of motor vehicles - the same activities that now take place at Lookers Honda.

W. Fulcher - Not Among the Dead? (3 pages)

Among the names on the Lenton War Memorial Photograph taken by Paul that of Herbert Allsopp and in Issue No. 28 we featured an article revealing that his name had been added to the memorial by mistake. Private Allsopp did not die in the First World War and we provided evidence to show that he continued to live in Lenton until his death in 1953. Further research now appears to suggest that there was a second person who should not have been listed on the memorial. In the case of Herbert Allsopp we were able to draw on key archival material to prove our case but, for this second individual, conclusive evidence is not available and it is only on the balance of probabilities that we state that 'W. Fulcher' survived the war.

Dunkirk School - The Pupils' View (2 pages)

In October 2012 Dunkirk and Old Lenton Community Association organised a reunion for those who had attended Dunkirk School while it was still in its original premises; the building which now houses the Community Centre. A number of the ex-pupils who came along proffered memories of their schooldays, which are now shared with readers of Lenton Times.

Society Snips (4 pages)

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