The Magazine of Lenton Local History Society

Lenton Times Issue 8 - May 1993

Assisting Family Historians with their Enquiries

Among the visitors found wandering around the churchyard at Holy Trinity are those who have come with the aim of finding a specific grave. They have tracked down the burial of an ancestor to Lenton and now want to see the gravestone for themselves. It is one thing knowing that the burial took place here but quite another trying to find the grave.

Originally there would have been a set of burial plans for the entire churchyard but these disappeared many years ago. The burial registers, now deposited with Nottinghamshire Archives, provide a complete list (in chronological order) of those buried at Lenton but offer no guidance as to exact location. One other major source of assistance is Record Series: Monumental Inscriptions Vol XXVII Lenton - Holy Trinity (1983) a publication produced by Nottinghamshire Family History Society (N.F.H.S.) (*). This presents the reader with information gathered by N.F.H.S. members following a survey of all the surviving headstones at Holy Trinity carried out in 1981. Names, family relationships and any pertinent dates were all noted down but sadly no attempt was made to record the graves' location. Until recently the only option available to the visitor was to conduct one's own search; no easy matter with almost 1,000 memorials to scrutinise and vegetation that often obscures the view.

Last year Lenton Local History Society resolved to try and help out. The graveyard was divided up into twenty four quadrants (as shown below) and, armed with clipboards, a dozen or so members set about the task of writing down the name and date of death of one person from each headstone within their chosen quadrants. In most cases this was a fairly easy matter but sometimes there were inscriptions that had failed to withstand the ravages of time and then cryptographic skills were called into play. After careful scrutiny most gravestones yielded up at least one name but a few were totally indecipherable and then defeat was admitted. There were also a small proportion of gravestones that had fallen over and, rather than risk a hernia, these were left unread. Once all twenty four quadrants were completed it was necessary to sit down with the N.F.H.S. publication and marry up the published names with those which our own survey had generated. In this way it was possible to designate a specific quadrant for each of the N.F.H.S. entries. After return visits to check apparent anomalies all but thirty nine of the gravestones in the N.F.H.S. publication had been assigned a map reference. Now those seeking a specific gravestone can contact the Society and be given a much better indication of whereabouts in the churchyard they should be directing their search. Anyone who wishes to avail themselves of this service is requested to contact

Once the names from our survey had been processed it became clear that quite a few of Holy Trinity’s gravestones had failed to find their way into the N.F.H.S. publication. The time of year chosen for the N.F.H.S. survey meant a constant battle with the vegetation and much of the horizontal masonry inevitably remained hidden from view. Our own survey took place before the annual obliteration got underway and we were able to find almost ninety extra sets of inscriptions. These are published below and when used in conjunction with the Nottinghamshire Family History Society publication should provide family historians with as complete a list of headstones at Holy Trinity as we can hope to muster.

(*) This booklet is now out of print but loan copies are available from the Local Studies Library on Angel Row.

ADAMS, John, husband of Fanny Walker, died 3 Mar 1930 aged 71 (C/I)


ARCHER, Sophia Ann, wife of John Archer, died 16 Feb 1928 aged 62
ARCHER, John died 28 April 1944 aged 82 (X)

ARAM, Thomas Paul Simpson, eldest son of Thomas and Annie Aram and husband of Lydia Maud Aram, died Palm Sunday 1904 aged 45
CATTON, Anne Frances Simpson Whitehall, daug. of Thomas and Annie Aram, died 18 May 1917 aged 62 (D)

ATKIN, Emma Mellers, died 12 Feb 1908 aged 65 (P)

ATTENBOROUGH, William Charles, husband of Rebecca, died 11 Nov 1927 aged 67
ATTENBOROUGH, Rebecca, wife of William Charles, died 7 Jan 1943 aged 80
ATTENBOROUGH, Elsie May, daug. of Cresse and Ada Attenborough died 7 Oct 1931 aged 21 (U)

BAGSHAW, Edith, wife of Arthur, died 9 July 1923 aged 35
BAGSHAW, Arthur, died 16 August 1931 aged 46 (L/M)

BALDOCK, Claude, husband of Ethel died 8 Jan 1932 aged 43
BALDOCK, Ethel, wife of Claude, died 30 Nov 1978 (ashes interred) (W)

BARNES, Gertrude Ellen, wife of William Barnes, died 28 Dec 1927 aged 58 (W)

BEAUMONT, Frank, husband of Bertha Beaumont died 25 March 1926 aged 61 (M)

BOOTH, William Richard, son of Richard and Edith Booth, died 23 Aug 1935 aged 24
BOOTH, Leonard, died 4 Aug 1939 aged 20
BOOTH, Edith, wife and mother, died 3 April 1959 aged 75
BOOTH, Richard, husband, died 20 Feb 1942 aged 61 (L)

BROWN, Mary, wife of Henry Edward Brown, died 7 Dec 1893 aged 49
WAKEFIELD, Mary Elizabeth, adopted daug. of Mary and Henry Brown, died 11 July 1892 aged 16 (H/I)

Photograph by Paul BexonSee in Lightbox

The Burton Family memorial.
Photograph by Paul Bexon

BUCKNALL, Ann, died 29 May 1927 aged 86
BUCKNALL, John, husband of Ann, died 31 Jan 1940 aged 86 (H)

BUCKNALL see PEGG BURTON, Robert, died 11 Oct 1898 aged 67
BURTON, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Burton, died 2 June 1889 aged 53
BURTON, Henry, son of the above, died 20 June 1874 aged 19
BURTON, Joseph, son, died 17 Mar 1866 aged 1, (interred at Hucknall Torkard)
BURTON, Elizabeth, daug., died 4 Nov 1872 aged 3
BURTON, Louis, son, died 25 Aug 1873 aged 5 weeks
BURTON, John Robert, son, died 22 May 1882 aged 24
BURTON, Lizzy Maud, daug., died 18 May 1892 aged 20 (L)

BUTCHER, David, died 30 June 1894 aged 32 (U)

CALLADINE, Annie, daug. of Edward and Hannah Calladine, died 24 Jan 1885 aged 3
CALLADINE, Edward, husband of Hannah, died 10 Sept 1894 aged 48
CALLADINE, Hannah, died 28 July 1933 aged 78 (L)

CARMICHAEL, Elizabeth, wife of Charles Henry Carmichael, died 12 Aug 1919 aged 60 (P)



CAUSEWAY, Beatrice, died 20 June 1928 aged 33 (X)

CHADBOURNE, Samuel, husband of Sara Ellen Chadbourne, died 22 Aug 1928 aged 54
CHADBOURNE, Sara Ellen, died 15 March 1952 aged 76 (X)

CHADBURN, Henry (Harry), husband of Mary A. Chadburn died 16 June 1929 aged 72
CHADBURN, Mary A., died 27 Mar 1931 aged 77 (L)

CHAPLIN, Ernest John Everard, youngest son of Rev. William Chaplin, incumbent of St. Martin's in the Field, Liverpool, born ? Nov 1868, died 11 Mar 1870 aged 15 months (U) (Correction)

CHISNELL, Mary, wife of William Chisnell, died 3 June 1922
ALLEN, Eliza, mother of Mary Chisnell, died 19 Dec 1921 aged 69 (W)


CLAYTON, William, born 13 Oct 1825 died 18 July 1893 aged 67
PEARSON, William, nephew of William Clayton, died 7 (?) Dec 1912 aged 57
PEARSON, Maria, wife of William Pearson, died 23 May 1933 aged 79 (E)

COOK, Harry, son of John and Fanny Cook, died 11 Dec 1928
COOK, Fanny, mother of Harry Cook died 29 July 1933 aged 73
COOK, John William, died 27 Mar 1943 aged 77 (X)

COOKE, John Thornley, husband of Elizabeth Annie Cooke, died 26 Dec 1930 aged 61 (L)

COPE, John Edward, died 8 Oct 1912 aged 25 (E)

CROWSON, May, wife of Fred Crowson, died 29 Mar 1929 aged 44
CROWSON, Robert Frederick, died 14 Jan 1948 aged 63
CROWSON, Frederick Ralph, died 8 Feb 1948 aged 29 (L)

CUPITT, Elsie E. (nee CARTER), wife of Walter Cupitt, died 9 Mar 1928 aged 54
CUPITT, Walter, husband of Elsie, died 9 Mar 1928 aged 38 (X)

DEWEY, Margaret Ethel, daug. of Henry and Ethel May Dewey, died 18 June 1920 aged 3
DEWEY, Ethel May, wife of Henry Dewey, died 17 Apr 1950
DEWEY, Henry, died 3 Oct 1941 aged 59 (A)

DICKINSON, William, husband of Lydia Dickinson, died 8 Apr 1929 aged 70 (L)

ENDSOR, Helen, died 20 Dec 1935
ENDSOR, George, husband of Helen, died 2 May 1936 (L)

FLINT, Harry, died 31 Oct 1932
FLINT, Annie, wife of Harry Flint, died 26 Dec 1943 (P)

FOSTER, Jemima, born 5 (?) June 1812 died 3 June 1843
FOSTER, Michael Peter, died 26 Oct 1860 aged 26
FOSTER, Michael Philip, died 29 Aug 1873 aged 75 (E)

Photograph by Paul BexonSee in Lightbox

Detail from the gravestone of William
Gregory. Photograph by Paul Bexon

FRETTINGHAM, Albert, died 1 Jan 1932 aged 73
FRETTINGHAM, Sarah Annie, wife of Albert, died 17 May 1935 aged 75 (U)

GREGORY, William, husband of Rachel Gregory, died 19 Sept 1893 aged 24 (U)

GRICE, Walter, died 5 May 1853 aged 50 (S)

HALL, Arthur William, died 26 Dec 1928 aged 62
HALL, Annie, wife of Arthur William, died 19 Aug 1933 aged 63
HALL, Frederick C., husband of Eliza Ann Hall, died 15 Jan 1936 aged 68
HALL, Eliza Ann, wife of Frederick, died 30 Aug 1946 aged 85 (L)

HARDING, Edwin, died 9 Apr 1931 aged 54
HARDING, Leslie, son of Edwin, died 25 Feb 1948 aged 46 (W)

HEATH, Amelia Annie, wife of Ernest Heath, died 16 Sept. 1904 aged 29 (A)

HIGHFIELD, George, died 11 July 1925 aged 25 (H)

HOLDEN, Frank Cunard, died 31 Aug 1864 aged 2 (A) (correction)

HOLMES, Charles Henry, husband of Mabel Holmes, died 1 Sept 1938 aged 69 (L)

HOLMES, Herbert, died 29 May 1924 aged 59 (U)

HODGKINSON, Samuel, died 10 July 1905 aged 64
SMITH, Harriett, daug. of Samuel Hodgkinson and wife of Richard Smith (rest of inscription has sunk beneath the ground) (E/F)

HULL Francis, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Hull died 30 June 1857 aged 8
HULL, Joseph Francis, died 12 Mar 1867 aged 10 (O)

IRELAND, William, died 3 Jan 1846 aged 25 (X) (correction)

JENNISON, William, died 12 Oct 1845 aged 41
JENNISON, Matilda, wife of William, died 7 June 1857 aged 56 (X)

KIRKBY, Phyllis, died 30 April 1898 aged 83 (V)

KITCHEN, Ruth, wife of Edmund Kitchen, died 23 April 1843 aged 21 (X)

LEDGARD, Elizabeth, died 20 Dec 1935 aged 37
MACKINTOSH, Henrietta, died 24 Mar 1945 aged 78
MACKINTOSH, Thomas, died 18 Feb 1923 aged 56 (V)

MILLS, Sarah Ann, died 12 Jan 1925 aged 70
MILLS, Horatio Edward, died 9 Feb 1929 aged 74 (U)

NADIN, Catherine Eliza, died 19 Aug 1926 aged 73
SHAW, Tamer, died 11 Apr. 1881 aged 77 (X)

NICHOLLS, Richard, husband of Florence Nicholls, died 18 Oct 1930 aged 52 (U)

NORTH, Charlotte, wife of John Holdsworth North, died 25 Feb 1880 aged 45
NORTH, John Holdsworth, died 13 Nov 1889 aged 59 (L)

PARKER, Sarah, died 26 Mar 1925 aged 77
PARKER, Eli H., died 16 May 1935 aged 84 (I)

PARKS, Eliza, died 31 Dec 1865 aged 40
PARKS, William, husband of Eliza, died 16 Apr 1866 aged 42 (this gravestone is loose and presently leaning against a tree in V; also the information regarding Eliza Parks has been broken off)

PARR, Winifred Mary, died 6 Sept 1935 aged 29 (K)

PEACH, Joseph, died 19 Sept 1851 aged 45 ? (X)

PEGG, Joseph, born Nov 1799 died 28 Mar 1889
PEGG, Sarah, wife of Joseph Pegg, died 16 Feb 1876 aged 74 (E)

PEGG, Samuel of New Lenton, Iron Founder, died 8 May 1846 aged 60
PEGG, Mary, died 20 Sept 1860 aged 60
BUCKNALL, Jane, wife of William Bucknall, died 17 Aug 1867 aged 59 (E)

PIPER, Cynthia Doreen, only child of John and Florence Piper died 24 Nov 1918 aged 4 (J)

RANDLE, Hannah, wife of Arthur Randle, died 16 June 1932 aged 73 (I)

REYNOLDS, James, died 7 May 1925 aged 75
REYNOLDS, Ellen, wife of James, died 4 May 1925 aged 74 (W)

ROBINSON, Emma, died 23 Jan 1909 aged 32 (P)

ROBINSON, Francis, died 23 Feb 1894 aged 63
ROBINSON, Frances Elizabeth, died 20 May 1891 aged 60 (J)

ROE, Albert, husband of Mary Roe, died 4 Feb 1930 aged 50 (P)

RUSSELL, Herbert Durham, husband of Carry Russell, died 14 Dec 1937 aged 63
RUSSELL, Carry, died 28 July 1958 aged 84 (U) (interred in Wilford Hill Cemetery)

SAMPSON, Emma, daug. of Samuel and Ann Sampson, died 15 July 1906 aged 70
SAMPSON, Isaac, son of Samuel and Ann, died 13 July 1909 aged 70 (T)

Photograph by Paul BexonSee in Lightbox

Memorial to Annie and Lydia Swain
Sketchley. Photograph by Paul Bexon

SHAW, Caroline, daug. of Robert and Mary Shaw, died 12 July 1843 aged 17 (X)

SHAW, Samuel, died 11 June 1934 aged 76 (X)


SKETCHLEY, Annie Kate, daug. of the late Alfred Bennett and Mary Ann Sketchley, died 29 July 1910 aged 47
SKETCHLEY, Lydia Swain, sister of Annie Kate, died 24 June 1941 aged 77 (E)

SKETCHLEY, Catherine, wife of Zachariah Sketchley, died 14 Jan 1860 aged 69
SKETCHLEY, Zachariah, husband of Catherine, died 1 Feb 1832 aged 47 (interred at Lenton Priory churchyard)
SKETCHLEY, Alfred Bennett, died 21 Apr 1902 aged 78 (O)

SMITH, Jane, died 13 Mar 1935 aged 68 (L)

SMITH, John & Tamar, names on large vase - no other details (X)

SOUTHERON, Ada, wife of Jonathan Southeron, died 6 Oct 1871 aged 76
SOUTHERON, Jonathan, died 16 Dec 1879 aged 73 (L)

SQUIBBS, Robert Edward Portbury, M.R.C.S. (Eng.) L.R.C.P.(Lond.), died 29 Oct 1931 aged 61
SQUIBBS, Edith Mary Cranmer, died 5 Aug 1919 aged 43
SQUIBBS, Charles Edward Portbury, died 26 Dec 1931 (interred at Wilford Hill Cemetery) ,
SQUIBBS, Kathleen Cranmer, died 20 May 1920 aged 18 (S)

STOKES, Cecil, died 21 Dec 1919 aged 19 (W)

STOKES, Alfred Charles, husband of Maria Stokes, died 22 Dec 1927 aged 56
STOKES, Eric Lissant, their only son, died 15 Nov 1927 aged 25
STOKES, Maria, died 17 June 1954 aged 83 (X)

THOMPSON, John, died 7 Oct 1920 aged 68
THOMPSON, Jane, died 28 Feb 1939 aged 78 (I/J)

TITE, Annie, sister of Lottie and the late Kate & John Clarkson, died 6 Jan 1936 aged 78 (W)

TURTON, John, died 16 June 1863 aged 44 (W)

WAINWRIGHT, Joseph, husband of Mary Wainwright, died 24 Sept 1935 aged 30 (L)


WALKERDINE, Leslie Arthur, son of Albert and Florence Walkerdine, died 17 July 1928 aged 25 (X)

WARD, Henry, died 16 Sept 1931 aged 66
WARD, Catherine, died 31 Jan 1940 aged 70
WARD, Ernest, their son, died in France 1917 (M)

WHITT, Mabel, died 25 Mar 1903 aged 16
WHITT, Harry, uncle of Mabel, died 25 June 1903 aged 36
WHITT, Elizabeth, mother of Mabel, died 29 Feb 1908 aged 68
WHITT, Edward, son of Elizabeth, died 5 June 1934 aged 69 (L)

WILLEY, George Frederick, died 3 Dec 1935 aged 77
WILLEY Sarah Anne, died 15 Dec 1937 (L)

YOUNGER, Mary, wife of Edward Younger, died 20 Nov 1927 aged 81
YOUNGER, Annie Maud, daug. of Mary and Edward, died 18 Feb 1925 aged 52 (W)

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