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J. Spree - Nottingham Postcard Publisher

Nottinghamshire - Sibthorpe

John Henry Spree (1869-1932) came to live in Nottingham c.1915. He had previously lived in Hastings in Sussex where he had published a limited number of picture postcards using his own photographs of the area.

An article about John Henry Spree is included in Lenton Times No.32. For more information about the article click here.

We are slowly assembling a catalogue of the postcards produced by John Henry Spree while he lived in Nottingham. Many of the images used on this page are taken, with permission, from the Picture the Past website. This website showcases various photographic collections including that of the Local Studies Library at Nottingham Central Library. If you would like to acquire your own copy of one of Picture the Past's images then you should click on their name.

We are keen to establish when Spree might have taken a particular photograph. So the earliest date for a used postcard are noted along with anything else that might help pinpoint when the postcard was produced.

If you have any Spree postcards not shown here we would be delighted to receive electronic copies of them. If you can help us out with the number, have a postcard that is already on the site but is in better condition than the one we are using, or you have an earlier postmark for your postcard please get in touch. To contact us - click here.



Date Published



Photo courtesy of Eric BayerSee in Lightbox

806 Sibthorpe Church

St Peter's Church, Sibthorpe, viewed from Church Lane.

Modern Day View

Sometime in the 1920s


Photo courtesy of Alan Spree

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