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Margaret Joan Northage Holbrook (known as Joan) - now living in Barnsley (contact details on request) - Posted 02/04/17
William and Frances Alice Holbrook are my great grandparents. William Holbrook built No 14 'Fairlawn' Devonshire Promenade, New Lenton in 1897 and thereafter this became their family home. Their children included Florence (b.1877), Albert Edward (1879), Samuel (b.1883), Frances Alice (b.1885), Ethel May (b.1887), Arthur (b.1889) and Winifred (b.1890); all of whom were born in Ilkeston. My grandfather, Samuel Holbrook, married Ethel Maude Smith at Lenton Parish Church in April 1904. Norman Ralph, their only son, my father, went on to marry Winifred Christine Tyler at Birmingham in 1939 and I was later born there in August 1945.

I would like to make contact with anyone who has connections with the Holbrook family. My grandfather, Samuel Holbrook, died in Birmingham in 1951. My grandmother, Ethel Maude Holbrook, ended her days living at an old people's home in Southwell, Notts. and died there in 1966. I would be very interested to learn whether her body was buried or cremated; and if the former where it was buried.

Karen Martyn - Posted 14/02/16
I am doing some research for my cousin, Jan Taylor, who now lives in New South Wales. Her family ran a grocers/fruiterers at 77 Willoughby Street in the 1891/1901/1911 census - James Taylor, his wife Elizabeth and their children. We would be very interested to know if anyone has any knowledge, recollections or photographs relating to them.

Elaine Statham - Posted 18/10/15
I recently found that my grandfather and great grandparents lived in the Lenton and Nottingham area at various addresses. In 1885 my grandfather, Samuel Heard was born at 15 Island Street Nottingham. His parents were William Heard and Jemima Heard (nee Ashmore). The other addresses that I've found for them were in Churchill Street, Lenton, 13 Friar Street Lenton, Gregory Street, Lenton and possibly Church Street, Lenton. This takes us up to about 1927. Samuel married Annie Elizabeth Wilson at Nottingham in 1905. I wondered if anyone out there knew of the family and has any further snippets of information I could use.

Ben Cooper - Sydney, Australia - Posted 20/09/15
I am interested in the ancestors of Thomas Cooper who was born 1848 in Lenton, Nottingham. Thomas was a joiner and married Ann Haslam on 22 Feb 1869 at St Mary's Nottingham. In 1884 Thomas and his family immigrated to Australia on board the "Australasian". I believe his parents were John Cooper (b. c.1821, Milford, Derbyshire) and Ann Smith (b. c.1822, Loughborough, Leicestershire). Any help with Thomas or his ancestors would be most appreciated.

Pauline Cooke - Posted 16/12/12
I am trying to locate where my husband's grandmother, Kate Cooke, lived after moving from Queen's Grove in the Meadows about 1936. We believe she moved to Newgate Street Lenton so I checked Kelly's directory of Nottingham for 1941 but she is not listed on the street, unless she is living in one of the houses under another name or just as a lodger. Can any one remember a very large lady living at any of these houses? She always wore black and would often sit out side the front door on a chair.

The residents that were listed for Newgate Street for 1941 were: Chas Holmas plumber; 3 RT Corpe; 5 Edith Key; 7 Wm. Dodsley; 9 Geo. Herrod; 11 Ernest Fred. Boultby; 13 Geo. Copson; 15 Arth. Weston; 17 Albt. Nairn; 19 Louise Hallatt; 21 Frank Thos. Lowe; 22 RT Naylor; 20 Leslie Bye; 18 C. Archer; 16 Mrs Newton; 14 Wm. Kewood; 12 Leonard. Simmonds; 10 Mrs. Fox; 8 Ath. Stevenson; 6 Mrs Sarah Ann Billings; 4 Albert. Morley; 2 Mrs Phillips.

Ellen Cole - Posted 01/07/12
I am trying to find out more information about my great grandmother, Alice Fines, who may also have been known as Alice Cole, although she never actually married. I believe she lived at 6 Churchill Street from about 1932 to 1938. She died from cancer in November 1938 and left behind three boys, William, Dennis and Stanley. They subsequently went to live with their father, William Cole. If you know any more about the family please contact me as I am eager to learn more about Alice.

Sue Farmer (Not a Lenton Farmer) - Posted 29/04/12
I am interested in William Parks and his wife Elizabeth (nee Marriott). If these names mean anything to other family historians can you tell me whether either of their parents would have lived in Lenton. I think William and Elizabeth lived in Lenton with one set of grandparents in the 1860s. I am also interested in finding out more about grandpa knows anything about their parents they lived in Lenton at one time and may also have lived there with grandparents in the 1860s. I am also interested in Henry and John Farmer who once owned a music shop in Nottm.

John Townsend - Posted 15/01/12
I have traced my ancestry back to Erasmus Townsend, a basket maker, who married Jane Oliver at Lenton, Nottinghamshire, in 1638. In 1640 he was pressed for a soldier to fight against the Scots in the north, and on his return to Lenton in 1641 he was relieved as a pauper by order of the Nottingham Quarter Sessions. He was "set on work" at Lenton, "whereby he may get his living and not beg or wander for want of means". I am descended from Erasmus's youngest son, Vicesimus (= twentieth) Townsend.

Despite 40 years of vigilance, I didn't solve the problem of his origins, having hunted all over the East Midlands. But last year I found a lead in an unexpected place. Erasmus Townson was dealt with by the Dorset Quarter Sessions at Blandford in July 1637, when he was whipped for wandering. This would have been only a few months before my ancestor, Erasmus Townsend, was first mentioned in Lenton, and the similarity in their circumstances - Quarter Sessions and wandering - seem to make it likely that it is the same man. If so, his record of wandering and his occupation of basket maker raise the possibility that he may have been a gypsy or traveller, but that is only speculative at this stage.

The question now is how to build on my find. If he was always wandering, an extensive search for his baptism - circa 1610? - in Dorset parish registers seems destined to failure. Perhaps the solution will again come from the Quarter Sessions of some unsuspected county where he was prosecuted for wandering! Let's hope that doesn't take another 40 years!

Erasmus's grandson, Thomas Townsend, was twice elected overseer of the poor for Lenton. Several further generations of my Townsend ancestors remained in Lenton, until my great-grandfather, George Wallace Townsend, moved to Mansfield about 1890, where he was employed as a cotton spinner at Bradley's. He had married Mary Ann Downing, daughter of the policeman, Samuel Downing, who was stationed at Lenton in the 1870s.

I would be glad to make contact with anyone who has any interest in the Townsends of Lenton.

Kevin Chamberlain - Posted 08/01/12
I have recently been doing quite a bit of family history research and, even though I've lived in Nottingham virtually all my life, I've been surprised to discover that a large number of relatives lived in the Willoughby Street area in the 1920s and 1930s.

The surnames involved are Widdowson and Corpe. They almost monopolised Newgate Street during that period, as well as many other members of the families living in and around Willoughby Street and the various courtyards leading off it. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has family links with any Widdowsons or Corpes from this particular locality and era.

Elaine Carter-Fox - Posted 08/01/12
I have worked out that I am the great grandaughter of John George and Susan Selby who can be found living at 16 Commercial Street, Lenton in the 1891 Census. I'm still in the process of researching the Selbys but I believe that John George's father was George Selby who can be found at 12 Spring Close, Old Lenton in the 1871 Census. I would be delighted to hear from anyone else interested in this particular set of Selbys.

Peter Barsby - Posted 18/12/11
Thomas Robinson married my great Aunt Sarah Ann Barsby in 1872 in St Pierre lès Calais where they both came from ex-pat lace-maker families. By 1881 they had returned with their children to live at 2 Britannia Square in Lenton. Thomas died in the 1880s and Sarah Ann Robinson is found at 2 Britannia Square in 1891 and 1911 but for some unknown reason is in Colwick in 1901. Their children were Edward, Thomas, Lenard (sic) and Lily. Does anyone know this family?

Kelly Hallam - Posted 22/05/11
I am currently tracing my family history and I have come to a dead end with my 2x Great Grandfather. His name was George Smith, unfortunately I don't have enough information to trace him further back. George married my 2x Great Grandmother in 1917. At the time of the marriage they were living at Commercial Street Old Lenton and continued to live at this address until about 1940. When George married my 2x Great Grandmother his status is given as a widower, I know from older family members that George had 2 sons from his first marriage. Their names were John George (known as Jack) and Walter. This is all the information I know about George. If anyone is also tracing the Smiths or if anyone can remember the Smith family please could you send me an email. Any information would be truly appreciated.

Stuart Castle - Posted 03/10/10
I am researching my father's side of the family and have got back to a George Castle (born in Lenton in 1771) who married Sarah Longsdale (born in Lenton in 1772). They appear to have had at least five children, all born in Lenton: Joseph (born 1793), Mary Ann (born 1795), Ann (born 1797), Sarah born (1799), and George (born 1802). Later the Castle family appears to have moved to Northallerton in North Yorkshire where I can find their descendants. I would be very interested in making contact with any one linked to other branches of this Castle family who remained living in the Nottingham area.

Carole Morley née Beaumont - Posted 19/09/10
I am trying to gather information about my cousins. Their surname was Porter and the family lived on Alderney Street, Lenton in the 1940s. I understand they may have subsequently moved to Clifton. If anyone can help either email me or contact me on 07875131537.

Peter Pheasant - Posted 04/07/10
George Henry Pheasant is my paternal grandfather. In the 1901 and 1911 censuses I can find him living at 36 Grove Road, Lenton with his parents, John and Ann Pheasant. John was a dairyman and by 1911 it would appear that the Grove Road house was also the base for his business. Their other children were Elizabeth, Clara and Walter. By 1911, George was 16 and the occupation given for him in the census was butchering. He went on to serve in the Royal Navy and subsequently worked for many years at Chilwell Depot.

The Pheasants were farmers at Stanton-by-Dale throughout the 19th century and some remained there as farmers until the second half of the 20th century but John and Ann had moved to Bulwell by 1891.

If anyone can add to my knowledge about the Pheasant family I would be delighted to hear from them.

David Roadley - Posted 23/05/10
I recently discovered that I am distantly related to Sir Albert Ball. His grandparents, George and Elizabeth Ball are my g.g.g.g.grandparents. If this is of interest to anyone then please email me or contact me on 07907857655.

L Smith - Posted 23/05/10
I am currently researching my great-grandparents, John Josiah Smith married Matilda Harding in Radford registration district in 1857. They lived on Churchill Street, in Lenton in 1860s. according to the place of births given in the census they were originally from the Devon area. Their first born was Albert Smith and their second child was my grandfather, Richard Harding Smith. If anyone has any other information about this particular family I would love to hear from them.

Ian Gilbert - Posted 28/02/10
I am trying to find any information about 66 Harley Street, New Lenton where I lived with my mother and late father, John Reginald Gilbert and Annette Patricia Gilbert in the early to mid 60s. The house is no longer standing and there is a factory or industrial unit in its place. I would like to hear from anyone who knew my parents or anything about the house at that time.

Paul Jackson - Posted 08/11/09
Does anyone have any information about Chain Lock House Abbey Street? I checked the electoral role for 1945 and there is a reference to a property called: Lock House, Canal Side, Abbey Street. The list of people resident there entitled to vote were: Claude Carl Pitchford, Stephen Pitchford and Constance M. Pitchford. Does anyone know or have information about this particular family?

Mike Herod - Posted 30/08/09
I am researching the How family, father Sidney James How, mother Jane How, and their two children Stanley James How (b.1894) and Sidney George Victor How (b.1897) who can be found living at 4 Spring Terrace, Spring Close, Old Lenton in the 1901 census. If anyone else is interested in this particular family I should love to hear from them.

Paul Allison - Posted 16/08/09
John Leaper married Mary Barrowcliffe in Radford in 1730. The marriage licence states that he was a widow from Arnold and she was a widow aged 30 from Lenton. I have found children born to a Joseph and Mary Barrowcliffe in Lenton in the years 1723 to 1726 but I cannot find any evidence of their marriage without which I won't know her maiden name. It would also be nice to find Joseph Barrowcliffe's death (between 1725 and 1730) to prove this. Any help gratefully received.

Michelle Gaynor - Posted 02/08/09
Isabella Beaumont, my grandmother, was born on 1st October 1896 at 2 Spring Yard, Churchill Street, Old Lenton. Her parents were William Beaumont and Annie Elizabeth Hall. Isabella had siblings called Kate and Ernest. William Beaumont was a leather finisher by trade and according to family tradition Annie Hall was disowned by her own family for marrying beneath her. That is more or less the sum total of what I so far know about the family. If anyone can provide any additional information I should love to hear from them.

Stuart Clarke - Posted 31/08/08
I am researching my links to the Lyons and Wilkinson families. Robert Lyons married Miriam Wilkinson in 1900 and lived at 8 Cloister Square, Abbey Street. They had 3 children Robert, William, and George.

Can anyone give me any additional information about them?

Ted Marriott - Posted 29/04/07
Just before my family went to live at 19,Cloister Street in 1946, the house was rented by a Mr and Mrs Emily Troop. I have since found out that she is the sister of my dad, Ted, who died in a Japanese prison camp. This sister of my father and her husband never came up in conversation when I was little. I am at a loss to find where to start to trace this couple as I heard, but am not sure that they never had children. All I need is a photograph of her/them for the family album. If anyone can tell me more about her I'd be very pleased to hear from them.

John Colam - Posted 26/11/06
I am looking for the Liddell family who lived in Lenton from 1881 to 1943. Charles Edward Liddell lived with his wife Emma and 5 daughters, Alice, Charlotte, Emma, Edna and Lena. Lived at 101 Park Street and both 40 and 64 Harley Street. Any information please. ...more information >>

Trevor Gidman - Posted 25/11/06 - Updated 01/07/12
My great grandparents Henry Hugh Gidman, from Liverpool, and Elizabeth Brockwell were married 5th October 1868 in Lenton Parish Church. She moved from Weldon, Northamptonshire to Lenton with her family between 1851 and 1861; father Thomas, parchment maker and mother Ann. They lived in Abbey Street, Old Lenton.

The marriage witnesses were Catherine Emma, Henry's daughter from his first marriage born in Liverpool in 1857, and James Dilks born Sneinton 1825. In 1901 they are living together in Sherwood; she is described as his Niece. I should like to hear from anyone who can throw light on the connection between these families

* Received a response from Barry Taylor in 2010 *

Trevor Holmes - Posted 29/10/06
I have an on-going interest in the Holmes family who lived in Lenton during the second half of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries. This portion of my family tree started with a Joseph Holmes who was born here in 1869. My current line of research includes William Jonadab Turney who married Hannah Holmes and also a Henry Roe who married Elizabeth Holmes . I should be interested to learn anything about the Turneys, the Roes or indeed the Holmes families.

Hannah Holmes spinster, born 2nd of November 1840 in Old Lenton, at the age of 21 years married William John Turney bachelor, born 3rd of September 1841 in Boston, Lincolnshire (also then aged 21) at Lenton Parish church on 19th of September 1862. Her father was William Holmes, gatekeeper resident of Lenton while William John's father was John Turney (later Sir John Turney) a leather dresser. The witnesses were Henry Roe & Elizabeth Holmes.

Elizabeth Holmes, born 1842, was later to marry Henry Roe on the 13th of July 1869 at Saint Ives. Henry was a Preacher on the Isle of Wight at the time. Elizabeth's father was listed as William Holmes while Henry's was J. Roe. Their witnesses were W J Turney & Henrietta Pearson. The couple subsequently had five children and I know that Elizabeth died on the 7th of February 1885 at the age of 43.

Glenda Adams (nee Reeve) - Posted 20/09/01
I am looking for my ancestors who appear on the 1881 census. My Great Grandfather James Reeve and his wife Roma lived in Lenton. My Grandfather still lives in Lenton. The last address I have is Meadow Lane where my father was born. If anyone has any information I would be very happy to receive it.

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