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Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2004

Courtesy of Geoffrey O. Ogle

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2004

Chippendale Street is located between Nos. 223 & 225 Castle Boulevard. At the time this photograph was taken, September 2004, the first of these properties housed the Crusty Cob Sandwich Bar. The property on the adjacent corner was up for sale after the closure of a short-lived beauty parlour and now [2014] houses insurance brokers.

The same junction with Castle Boulevard as it looked in 2011. Coversure Insurance are the occupants of the corner premises on the right while the Crusty Cob shop continues to occupy the other corner property. This time we get to see further along Chippendale Street and the terrace of properties on the eastern side of the street are now visible.

Externally the two rows of terrace properties that constitute Chippendale Street have undergone remarkably little in the way of major changes. The window frames and doors may not be the originals but, these apart, the buildings must look much as they did when they were erected in the 1880s.

Photograph from Lenton Local History Society's collection

This photograph from the late Reg Meakin's album shows two boys, Fred Norris and Percy Carey, in front of the latter's home, No.16 Chippendale Street, on Good Friday at seven in the morning. They are about to go off and sell hot cross buns.

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