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Harriman's Lane - Dunkirk

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Photograph by Jack Hall

Photograph by Jack Hall

Photograph by Jack Hall

At one time Harriman's Lane provided access to a former gravel pit, known by most people as the 'Police Pond'. A popular location with local anglers. The pond was filled in to make way for an extension to the Dunkirk Industrial Estate in the 1960s. For those trying to get their bearings the Trent Building of Nottingham University is just visible on the left in the far distance.

This sequence of photographs were all taken by Jack Hall on 5 September 1954. For this shot Jack has moved in closer on the two anglers which means that the short terrace of housing evident in the middle distance is seen to better effect.

For this shot Jack has moved further along the edge of the pond and is looking back and the two anglers shown in the previous two shots are now more or less out of view. On the skyline the raised area of Clifton Grove is just visible.

Photograph by Jack Hall

Photograph by Jack Hall

For this shot Jack has stepped back from the two anglers, who are still seated at the edge of the pond, and is focusing on the view looking eastwards.

This is a close up of the central portion of the previous photograph. On the large version of this photograph you can spot a set of railway signals indicating the presence of the main Nottingham to Derby railway line. We were unsure what the white building in background might be. Jim Seagrave whose family lived on Gibbons Street during the 1950s and 1960s believes it may well be a timber business that operated on Harrimans Lane.
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Photograph by David Toone

Photograph by John Haywood

Apart from serving the needs of the fishing community the Police Pond evidently served as an alternative to Highfields Lido for some as this 1960s photograph reveals.

This is part of Harriman's Lane as it looked in 2011, Photograph taken by Jacqueline Haywood and sent to us by her husband,John Haywood. The modern day section of Harriman's Lane stops long before you get to where the Police Pond used to be. Present day users of Harriman's Lane (now part of the Dunkirk Industrial Estate) experience a rather different set of images to those contained in Jack Hall's 1950s photos.


Ken Kirk

My dad was the bailiff of the Police Pond during the 1950s. I remember police officers were regular visitors at our house on Montpelier Road - mainly to collect the money from ticket sales!

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