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A view of the north side of Derby Road taken in 1949. Behind the hedge and advertising hoardings was the Gregory Ground - at that time home to Lenton United Cricket Club.

Lenton United C.C. First XI pose for their photograph in front of the club house in 1947. This photograph is also featured in a Lenton Listener article. Click on the link below to access that article.

Photograph of a Lenton United Cricket X1 taken in September 1953. Beyond the hoardings is Derby Road and the more specifically the property that stands at the corner of Derby Road and Devonshire Promenade. If you can name any of the cricketers we would be delighted to hear from you.

The same set of cricketers as in the previous photograph, taken in September 1953, the photographer has now changed the angle of the shot in order to incorporate the lefthand portion of the Lenton United cricket pavilion.

Taken in 2011 by John Sutton this shows the expanse of grass that used to make up the Gregory Ground with the rear of the Cycle Road properties on the right of the photograph. At this time the land belonged to the Greenholme School but was also used by local primary schools in the area. The original copy of John Sutton's photograph can be seen by clicking on this link.

When this photograph was taken by Paul Bexon in 1987 Lenton United Cricket Club were now playing their home fixtures down by the Trent on land adjoining the Grove Farm playing fields. This photograph also featured in Lenton Listener article. Click on the link below to see more.

Following the demise of Lenton United Cricket Club the ground by the Trent was acquired by the Nottingham Unity Casuals Cricket Club as is evident in this 2022 shot showing the entrance to the ground.

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Lenton United Cricket Club - Cricket Lovely Cricket - Issue 47 - August to September 1987


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