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Photograph by Paul Bexon 2004

Photograph by Steve Zaleski

After Daks Simpson closed their clothing factory in Lenton the building was acquired by Nottingham Trent University for conversion into student accommodation. The original factory can be seen on the right while part of the new additions can be seen in the foreground. The whole complex is now known as 'Simpsons'. The photograph was taken in August 2004.

Premises on Park Street occupied by Martin Emprex International. Photograph taken in the early 1980's. Later that decade the factory had been demolished to make way for a small residential development.


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Patricia Gregory (née Moreland)

My parents left Ashover in Derbyshire during 1956 to come and live on Park Street, Lenton. This was prompted by my father s place of work in Derbyshire being closed down. Moving to Lenton after living in a rural village like Ashover was an absolute cultural shock! However, we four children were excited at the prospects of living in a city and soon got to know the local kids and loved every minute of our time there. My grandparents also lived on Park Street and quite a few of our aunts and uncles lived in the immediate vicinity. Having been used to a bathroom in our previous home it was quite a novelty going with our friends each Friday evening to the local public baths situated on Willoughby Street. We were only there for three years before we moved to Keyworth but I still have many memories of our time in Lenton. I have since become a Nottingham resident and my current job means I get out and about taking in such places as Lenton and Dunkirk. At one time I was employed in the offices of the Daks Simpson factory on Park Street and was responsible for manning the switch board and general typing duties. I really enjoyed my time there. My uncle Roy used to work in the Daks Simpson progress office while my grandmother did hand sewing on the factory floor so I was among friends. Next to Daks Simpson factory on Park Street was the Martin Emprex works and over on the other side of the road from this factory was what I was told was a bomb site. Can anyone confirm this to be true? Moreover do any former residents of the old Willoughby Street area remember us (the Moreland family)?

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