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A picture postcard of the Priory Church produced by J. Spree. The postcard in question came from the album of the late Reg Meakin. Reg's accompanying caption indicates that the postcard was first published in 1919.

J. Spree also took an interior view of the Priory Church and turned it into a picture postcard. Reg Meakin acquired a copy and stuck it in his album with a 1919 date alongside it.

An undated photograph of the Priory Church (also known as St. Anthony's Church) taken from the Priory Church boundary wall. The chancel on the left dates from the days of the Priory when it was part of a hospital chapel but the nave on the left is relatively recent only dating from the 1880's.

A view of the Priory Church taken from the graveyard - although somewhat surprisingly no gravestones appear to feature in the photograph.

This and the previous image are taken from picture postcards which appeared in the 'Clumber' series of postcards which were published by Albert Hindley in the early part of the twentieth century. This particular shot shows the Priory Church as seen from the junction of Gregory Street and Old Church Street.

This royal coat of arms can be found hanging on the wall inside the Priory Church. It underwent restoration during 1978-80 and this photograph was taken once the restoration was complete. Before its restoration by Mr Jesse Bruton, the initials at the top had read 'G.R.' but beneath the letter 'G' was found to be an 'A' for Queen Anne and beneath this a 'C' for Charles which means it was much older than initially suspected.

Photograph courtesy of Glenys Randle

In this 1948 shot of the members of the Priory Church Sunday School Ada Marriott took this photograph on too bright a day. As a result some of the participants are shielding their eyes from the sun while the faces of some of the others are cast in partial shadow - nevertheless a nostalgic shot for anyone included in the photograph.

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