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Photograph by Paul Bexon

Photograph by Harold Lowe

Photograph by Harold Lowe

Looking towards The Boat Inn from the corner of Priory Street and Abbey Street in August 2001.

Harold Lowe, in his role of churchwarden, took this exterior shot of the Priory Church hall in 1990 just before the building was sold to the City Council. Before it was acquired by the parish church in the 1880s the building had belonged to the Primitive Methodists in Lenton.

This second photo taken by Harold Lowe in 1990 just shows the exterior of the Priory Church Hall from a slightly different angle. The hall was sold to the City Council because it would cost the church too much to carry out all the necessary repairs the building now required.

Photograph by Paul Bexon

Photograph by David Lally

Photograph by Paul Bexon

An undated photograph of the The Boat Inn - probably taken in the 1960s. The frontage still looks much the same today although now there are hanging baskets on display and the Home Brewery sign has gone for ever.

A 2008 photograph of The Boat Inn taken by David Lally. The original photograph is featured on Click here if you would like to see more of David's photographs.

Looking towards Abbey Street in 2005. After the set of properties adjoining The Boat Inn were demolished an archaeological investigation was carried out here to determine what remained of Lenton Priory's foundations. Once the excavations had been completed they were covered with soil again and the area landscaped. The pub now uses the space as an extension to its facilities in the summer time.

Photograph by Glenys Randle

Photograph by Glenys Randle

 Photograph supplied by Iris & John Wesley.

This photograph was taken in the upstairs room at The Boat Inn on Priory Street. It shows some of the children who lived in nearby houses attending a party to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

The massed ranks of those who attended the Coronation party in The Boat Inn are now all grouped together for their photograph. Given the way everyone is grouped it looks as if we are in the skilled hands of a professional photographer.

This photograph was clearly taken on the same day as the previous two photographs. The big difference is that, for this one, centre stage is taken by Mr and Mrs Tom Roe, the landlord and landlady of The Boat Inn.

Photograph by Paul Bexon

Photograph by Paul Bexon

The premises shown in this 2004 photograph formed part of Nazareth House, an old people's home run by an order of nuns.Its Lenton establishment was started in the late 1800s and housed both old people and young orphans. Laterly it only housed old people. Soon after this photograph was taken the home was closed and the property put on the market. Once sold most of the properties were subsequently demolished and replaced by a housing development. A number of articles focussing on Nazareth House were included in Lenton Times No.25.

This 2004 shot taken from the Priory Street entrance shows the Nazareth House chapel. This was also demolished after Nazareth House was sold off. The only part to remain is the original house built by William Stretton in the early 1800s.

Last March [2013] one of our readers was passing along Priory Street on his way home and came across part of the 'excavations' being undertaken to move the services and lay the cables for the new tram network that will pass through Lenton. He took this photograph of one particular section of trench on Priory Street as the workmen had exposed part of the original foundations of Lenton Priory.

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Julia Pearl - Perth, Western Australia

The Boat was a popular place in the '60s for factory workers from Crepe Sizes textiles factory at the bottom of the street.

They sold the first ever salt and vinegar crisps as I remember. They were called Bill and Ben crisps and my brother and I always asked my mum to bring us a packet if she went there on a Friday night. We would love to wake up on a Saturday and they'd be waiting for us. Unfortunately she couldn't remember the name and the barman had no idea what she was talking about.

In the mid-seventies my brother and his friend, as students, used to go to the Boat and raved about Home Ales

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