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Salisbury Street - Lenton/Radford

This street is situated in an area that is generally recognised as part of Old Radford. However after Radford and Lenton became part of the Borough of Nottingham in 1876 the block of housing on the southern side of the Ilkeston Road were deemed to be part of Lenton. This remained the case until this area was incorporated into the new parish of Radford, All Souls which was established in the early 1890s.

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Photograph courtesy of Picture the Past

Newspaper cutting provided by Glenys Randle.

Looking along Salisbury Street in the early 1960s. In the far distance is the junction with Faraday Road and part of the Raleigh factory complex. Lying behind it is the Triumph Road gasometer.

This photograph was taken by George Roberts in 1966 and shows the junction of Salisbury Street and Faraday Road. Across the road is the entrance to part of the Raleigh factory. The original of this photograph is to be found on the Picture the Past website. Click here for more details.

This photograph is taken from an edition of the Nottinghamshire Guardian dated 6 June 1953. It shows the bunting erected on Salisbury Street for the Queen Elizabeth's coronation celebrations.

Photograph courtesy of Pat Fines

Photograph courtesy of Pat Fines

1970s Radford by Roger Smith

May Fines with her next door neighbour, Mrs Larkam, standing at the back entrance to their properties on Salisbury Street. Photograph taken c.1950.See Family Memories.

Beryl Fines and her sister-in-law, Pat Fines, in 1959, standing in the doorway to Harold Fines' shop situated at the corner of Salisbury and Middleton Streets.

Salisbury Street in 1977 with bunting stretching across the road. The occasion in question is the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations and three young residents are dressed up for the occasion. Photograph taken by Roger Smith and this taken from the BBC Nottingham website. Click here for more details.

Photograph by Jacqueline Haywood

Photograph by Paul Bexon

A 1976 view looking along Salisbury Street. The original can be found on Prufrock's webpage. Click here for more details.

Some of the scenes used in the film Saturday Night and Sunday Morning used locations in Radford and Lenton. This particular photograph shows the film crew setting up a shot on Salisbury Street in 1960.

A newspaper photograph taken from the Nottingham Evening Post 4 April 1960 shows two of the stars of the film, Shirley Ann Field and Norman Rossington posing alongside Alan Sillitoe's mother, as she supposedly pegs out her washing on Salisbury Street.


Pat Fines - Australia

My in laws Harold and May Fines had a shop on the corner of Salisbury and Middleton Street, they were there from about 1946 to 1961. This shop faced a pub which I knew as "The Marcus" [ Marquis of Lorne] and after I married their son, Barrie, I got to know this neighbourhood very well. I even spent a year living at the shop while we waited for our house at Bestwood Park. I can remember watching 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' being filmed which caused great excitement in those days. The Radford people were salt of the earth kind of folks and there were some real characters among them. Barrie's sister, Beryl, married the son of a very well known Radford couple, Min and Wilf Wilson from Pine Street. Among the names I can recall are: Alf Keys (the coal man), Mrs Lakam (who lived next door), the Staplefords, Hudsons (who had little Cliffy), Doris and Bill Devin, the Yorks and Nellie and Ernest who lived with Mrs Larkam. I think the beer-off across from the Fines' shop was owned by some one named Hawkins. We came to Australia in 1967 and only returned for a visit in 1980. We went to see the Fines' old shop only to find practically the whole area had been flatten to the ground. It made me feel really sad and remember picking up some of the old brick pieces to bring back to show Barrie. "The Marcus" was the only building still standing

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