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Photograph by Paul Bexon 2008

Photograph by Paul Bexon 2008

An undated picture postcard showing the view looking down University Boulevard with Nottingham University College's Trent Building visible on the right.

A 2008 photograph showing more or less the same section of road as in the previous shot. Taken in March the flowering cherry trees that line the pedestrian entrance to Highfields Park can be seen in bloom in the middle distance.

The view looking westwards down the middle of the Boulevard. Usually this road would be clogged up with vehicles but their relative absence is explained by the fact that this and the previous photograph were taken one Sunday afternoon, when most motorists were otherwise engaged.

Photographs of the Sealed Knot Society's gathering in Nottingham in 1983

Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983

Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983 Photograph by Paul Bexon 1983

One weekend in June in 1983 the Sealed Knot Society held an event in Nottingham. The participants were mostly camped on the University sports ground situated at the western end of University Boulevard. These photographs show them preparing to cross University Boulevard and making their way into Highfields Park for a two-day re-enactment of scenes from the Civil War.


Richard Gadsby - Norfolk

I remember tanks being driven along University Boulevard during the second world war and then up Clifton Boulevard. They were being collected from Chilwell where they were stored. We used to wave and the crew used to throw us sweets.

I was instrumental many years later [when working for the Parks Department] in getting the grass strip down the middle of the boulevard converted to paving having experienced the trauma of cutting the grass in my earlier times at the park.

Many of the beech trees were killed when the cycle path was later put in. Beech trees do not like having their roots disturbed or covered.

When Woodside Road was subsequently dualled after the War, I specified that stone be placed around the trees planted before the war on the anticipated route of the second carriageway to avoid the same problem as University Boulevard where the original cambers were all wrong and the second carriageway had to be raised.

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