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Photograph courtesy of Carol Williams nee Wesley

Photograph by Ken Gulliver

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2004

Taken in 1959 Carol Wesley poses for her photograph with Desmond Elliott, who she used to 'baby sit'. They are standing on Churchill Street (no longer with us) looking towards its junction with Friar Street. The factory premises visible on Friar Street belonged to Crepe Sizes Ltd. On the left hand corner of Churchill Street and Friar Street the entrance to Woodward's shop can be seen; while Carol's family home was No. 20 Churchill Street situated on the right-hand corner of Churchill Street and Friar Street.
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Although undated this photograph, showing 6 Friar Street, was probably taken in the late 1940s.  Groceries, fruit and veg were displayed in one window while the other one was given over to a display of fresh fish. The photograph was used to accompany the article on Ken Gulliver: A Bevin Boy in Lenton which appeared in Lenton Times No.16.
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Most of the original Friar Street properties were destined to disappear in a City Council clearance scheme dating from the early 1960s. This involved the demolition of all the properties lying between Friar Street and Gregory Street. The site was then used for the housing complex shown in this 2004 photograph.

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2004

Some of the properties on the west side of Friar Street survived into the 1980s. Following the closure of Crepe Sizes, however, their premises were demolished and replaced with the town houses shown here.

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