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Maxwell Street - Lenton

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Photograph by George Roberts - 1961

Taken in 1961 by George Roberts this photograph shows Maxwell Street from its junction with Park Street looking towards Willoughby Street.

The Society does not currently possess any photographs of Maxwell Street. The photograph above can also be viewed on the Nottingham Local Studies Library web site - Picture the Past.


Ron Bentley (son of Ronald and Nancy Bentley)

I believe that it is just possible that I may be the boy in the picture shown above. My family lived at No.7 Maxwell Street until the clearance programme caused us to move elsewhere. I would have been seven at the time the photograph was taken. Admittedly I can't recall the photograph being taken but then it was almost fifty years ago. I also suspect that the lady sweeping is Mrs Dorothy Dutton who ran the corner shop with her husband Alex. I do know the dog wasn't ours - we had two - one called Sandy (light brown) and the other Patch (mostly white). I should be very interested to learn if anyone can corroborate the information I have provided.

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