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Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2005

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

The junction of Rothesay Avenue and Derby Road with the Lenton Medical Centre taking centre stage. Photograph taken April 2005.

Looking southwards, back towards the junction with Derby Road, photograph taken in March 2009.

Gerry Machin now lives in Adelaide, Australia and recently [February 2009] came across the Lenton Times website. Gerry contacted us to ask if we had any photographs of Rothesay Avenue, which is where he used to live until 1963. Just for Gerry this is a 2009 photograph of No.34 Rothesay Avenue, his childhood home.

Photograph by Geoffrey O. Ogle - 2012

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

In similar fashion to the previous photograph we had an email [2015] from Richard Brown currently living in British Columbia telling us about his childhood home. So we have added a photograph of 39 Rothesay Avenue, the property on the left of the photograph just for Richard.

Looking northwards towards the junction with Ashburnham Avenue in 2009.

The junction of Rothesay Avenue and Ashburnham Avenue in 2009.

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

Photograph by Paul Bexon - 2009

The section of Rothesay Avenue from Ashburnham Avenue to Ilkeston Road with the latter-mentioned thoroughfare just visible in the far distance. Photograph taken in 2009.

This photograph is from the Picture the Past website. Click here to access their copy. It shows a group of First World War soldiers posing for their photograph on Rothesay Avenue. Looking at the slope on the road in the photograph it would appear to be the stretch of Rothesay Avenue near the Ilkeston Road junction. The likelihood is these were men temporarily based at the Drill Hall and they had chosen Rothesay Avenue as a quiet spot where they could have their photograph taken

Family Memories

Richard Brown - Vancouver, Canada

I lived at number 39 Rothesay Avenue from 1954 to 1966. In other words it was my childhood home from ages of seven to nineteen. I loved that house, it was so comfortable and spacious.

In one of the captions to your photographs you mention Gerry Machin. He may well remember my younger sister Julie better than me. I certainly recall his older siblings, Andrew and Monica, who were my friends. Other people on the street I can recall are Derek Poole and Graham Stanton. We spent much of our time around the corner on Radford Rec(reation Ground) with other kids from the neighbourhood. Many of them were at Douglas Road Junior and later at Cottesmore Secondary, while some went to Mundella Grammar. It was a great place and time in which to grow up.

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