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Photograph by Paul Bexon


Photograph by Paul Bexon


Photograph by Paul Bexon



A 2004 view looking down City Road from its junction with Clifton Boulevard.  Since the arrival of the new flyover, road traffic, with the exception of cycles, can no longer use this section of road to gain access to and from Clifton Boulevard.


The pair of semi-detached properties featured on the left of this photograph hold the distinction of being the first properties built by W.T. Norris after he set up business for himself in the 1890s. See Lenton Times No.14. Also see Family Memories below.


Likely as not this tiny property is now occupied by one or more of Lenton's many thousands of student residents but as the next photograph makes clear it originally served a different function in the local community.  






Photograph courtesy of Lenton Times Issue 13


Photograph by Paul Bexon


Photograph by Paul Bexon



 The scene is No. 8 City Road on 9 September 1951.  The premises housed a bakery and a fire had broken out in the upper storey where flour and sugar were stored.  By the time the firemen had extinguished the fire the upper part of the building was completely burnt out. See Family Memories below.


The run of properties on the north side of City Road between Lace Street and Clifton Boulevard.  Since this photograph was taken in May 2004 part of the boundary wall featured on the left has been taken down to provide some off-street parking spaces.  


The properties in the foreground are a fairly recent addition to City Road.  They replaced the factory premises, at one time occupied by Frank Kirk Textiles, which were originally situated on this corner of Lace Street and City Road.






Photograph by Paul Bexon


Photograph by Paul Bexon


Photograph by Paul Bexon



When this photograph was taken in May 2004 this property was no longer occupied and about to be demolished.  A rather stark looking building - one of the few properties on City Road that is neither a semi nor part of a terrace.  


The wooden fence on the left handside of this 2006 shot can be matched up with the one in the previous photograph revealing that we are looking at the same site but two years later.  The replacement building has arrived - identical in most respects to the other two immediately on its left. 


Another building on City Road which didn't start life as a residential property.  The property was originally a bakery and the Society has a reminiscence relating that local residents used to take their 'oven-ready' chickens to be cooked there in the run up to Christmas. 






Photograph by Paul Bexon







Another shot looking back towards Clifton Boulevard.  Most of these properties are now rented out to students who doubtless have their own tales to tell of living in this part of Lenton.











Sue Daykin née Morley
I have just been looking at your pictures of City Road, Dunkirk and was particularly interested in the two of the bakery.  The bakery was owned by my father and was called G.R. Morleys.  The fire happened when I was 6 years old.  My father and mother continued to run this business until 1955 when they took over my grandfather's bakery business in Sherwood Rise.  Just a bit more information for your archives.

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