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Photograph from Picture Nottingham

Photograph by Paul Bexon

The full extent of Lace Street is marked out in red on this aerial photograph. It starts at Highfield Road runs across Beeston Road and continues south westerly direction as far as Montpelier Road. You don't usually get the name of a minor road used on both sides of a major road. However the layout of the streets and their subsequent naming occurred long before University Boulevard was conceived at a time when Beeston Road simply finished in a dead end.

Supposedly taken some time in the 1970s this photograph, looking towards Beeston Road, was taken on Lace Street at its junction with Brailsford Road which is off to the right. The original photograph is part of the Picture Nottingham collection and can be viewed by clicking here.

Taken by Paul Bexon in 2005 this photograph also shows the view looking along Lace Street toward Beeston Road but from its junction with Montpelier Road. Off to the left of the photograph is the entrance to the cycle path that takes cyclists and pedestrians alongside the Tottle Brook.

Photograph from Picture Nottingham

Photograph courtesy of Claire Pendrous

At the junction of Beeston Road and the southern half of Lace Street was the Dunkirk Post Office. This photograph taken in the 1950s reveals it was then run by J. and J. Gower. This is another image taken from the Picture Nottingham collection and the original can be accessed by clicking here.

The Dunkirk Post Office has now closed. The last of its proprietors attempted to generate a little extra income by also trading in second-hand bicycles - hence the bicycle fixed to the side wall. Photograph by Claire Pendrous

Crossing over Beeston Road to the northern half of Lace Street there used to be a row of commercial properties for which we have no actual photographs. At one time the upstairs area housed the City Social Club. The club features in this news item taken from an issue of the Nottingham Journal dated 26 January 1943. From it you might suppose that Sid Field, the comedian mentioned in the story, was a local man but in fact he was just appearing in Robinson Crusoe, a pantomime being put on at the Theatre Royal.

Photograph by Jack Hall

Photograph by Paul Bexon

The commercial premises, mentioned in the previous text once housed 'Auto Sales' - second hand car dealers. You will need to access the large version to be able to read the advert which featured in one of the local papers in March 1955.

The City Social Club was the venue for a party for some of Dunkirk's children which was held on 2 June 1953 to celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The photograph was taken there is by Jack Hall. We have been able to identify some of the children and their names can be accessed by clicking on the image.

In later years the premises which extended on to City Road housed Frank Kirk Textiles Ltd. After this business moved out the vacant buildings were demolished and two semi-detached premises fronting on to City Road were erected. This photograph taken by Paul Bexon in 2000 shows them under construction.

Photograph by Paul Bexon

Photograph by Chris Whippet

Photograph by Paul Bexon

Taken from much the same vantage point as in the previous image, this photograph taken by Paul Bexon in 2005 shows the completed sets of semi-detached premises.

A somewhat older set of buildings occupy the western side of Lace Street from its junction with City Road up to the junction with Ednaston Road. This photograph was taken by Chris Whippet in July 2015 and his original image is featured on the Geograph website and can be accessed by clicking here.

Moving further along Lace Street but still on its western side the properties between Ednaston Road and Highfield Road are of a slightly more recent vintage and were all erected by the local building firm of W.T. Norris & Sons. See Lenton Times No 14. This photograph was taken by Paul Bexon in 2000.


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